Garden sprinkler effect

Garden Sprinklers have an established place in gardens but the question of whether their primary purpose is irrigation is up for debate.. Children love playing in sprinkler water, and with as many different water effects as possible. Adults like watching the spray, believing the sprinkler is doing more good than laborious weeding.

A sprinkler needs sufficient weight that it does not flip over under pressure so beware light plastic models. Garden Sprinklers with a metal head tend to last longer.

Rotating ‘whirlybird’ type garden sprinklers are best for circular lawns and childrens’ play.

Oscillating garden sprinklers are more business-like and less fun. They water in a rectangular pattern. The oscillating sprinkler has different modes for different movement patterns – full swing, half swing for stationary. The mechanism for controlling the modes may be an external drive or an internal water turbine. The latter is more reliable as external drives are easily damaged when knocked about.

Impulse garden sprinklers have a rather commercial sound – and can soak the unwary gardener. The impulse sprinkler is the most powerful type of sprinkler so it is particularly important to make sure that your sprinkler is stable with a good heavy basis. The impulse sprinkler is a circular sprinkler.

Tractor garden sprinklers, also known as walking garden sprinklers, use water-power to move slowly and methodically over large lawns. The front wheel of the tractor sprinkler straddles the hose so the path of the sprinkler is guided by the position of the hose.

Electric timers can be used for watering in the gardener’s absence.

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A variety of Garden Hoses

In some areas, an outdoor water hose is more than just a convenience; it’s a way of life. It keeps flowers healthy, kids happy, and vehicles show room sharp. Whether you want a green lawn or a clean car, a garden hose is an excellent tool to keep your property looking its best.

Types of Water Hoses

Some of us are all too familiar with the green plastic tangle that used to pass for an irrigation tool. Thankfully, today’s homeowner has a much better selection of garden hoses to meet their individual needs.

The first, most well known type of hose is the rubber (usually green) garden hose. Aside from the tangling issues, the biggest problem with these hoses is the wide range of both prices and quality. It is difficult to know if the rubber hose you purchase will be durable, flexible, or tough enough for the job you have in mind until you actually bring it home. Most water hose problems are caused by kinks, and a poor quality rubber model will get plenty of them. Those looking for a hose that will only be used once in a while, then put away promptly and carefully might be okay with whatever they purchase, but the constant gardener should, at the very least, opt for the heavy-duty model.

Flat garden hoses are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. They are easier to put away and store than conventional hoses, and still come in a wide variety of lengths. Firefighters have been using flat hoses for years because of these very reasons. They are more expensive than most round hoses, but are less likely to kink. Flat water hoses often come on a spool or real for convenience. Beware, though, that only some of these will operate properly while coiled; others will need to be mostly or completely uncoiled to work well.

A lesser known variety of water hose is the spring coil. Its truly ingenious design wraps a relatively long hose around a relatively short spring in a spiral fashion. As you walk with the nozzle, the spring and the hose uncoil. When you let go, they retract to a very manageable length. While using one of these might get a little tedious over a large area, they are perfect for small plots of land or patio and deck watering.

Garden Hose Care

The best way to maximize the life of your garden hose is to roll it up and put it away properly after every use. This reduces the amount of kinks and, in colder climates, will keep the hose from freezing (which can cause penetration of the lining and holes in the hose). It will also keep it from being repeatedly run over by vehicles (not a big problem for some hoses), or, even worse, lawnmowers (a big problem for most hoses).

Realistically, though, some situations require using a hose once or even multiple times a day. Rolling and unrolling that hose can, after a while, become a very unpalatable chore. If you are in that kind of situation, it’s best to just buy the highest quality, most durable hose possible. You should still put it away, however, whenever a freeze (or lawnmower) is expected.

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Why is Helen the best garden hose?

This expanding, flat, clear flowing hose is incredible and light weight — it is drinking water safe (all materials approved by NSF), lead free and self-draining. Are you tired of kinking hoses?

This one is a kink release garden hose, tested to perform well indoors and outdoors, whether it’s used in the barn, greenhouse, your home or in the workshop.

The Best Garden Hose for Your Health and the Environment

The number one reason that makes this hose extraordinary is that it is constructed from NSF listed (National Sanitation Foundation) materials, which are tested and approved onsite in our manufacturing facility in the USA. In fact, this product is safer than drinking from a water bottle. It doesn’t leach off anything and it doesn’t absorb anything.

The transparent polyurethane design allows the sunlight to pass through and that controls the bacteria and the algae growth. You don’t get that with your common garden hose, which become a breeding ground for bacteria since the water becomes stagnant and heated.

The fittings are made from polyurethane nylon materials that are lead-free and very difficult to crush.

Flat, Polyurethane Expandable Garden Hose

When you turn off the water source the high pressure hose will force all remaining water out until there is virtually no water left. Polyurethane is one of the toughest materials known to man; its been around for fifty years and it’s exceptionally strong: nine thousand pounds a square inch and it can stretch but at the same time remain very durable.

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What is an Expandable Garden Hose?

Expandable Hose as the name suggest is new type of garden hose that expands 3 times its original length when water pressure is on, and contracts to its original length when its off. This flexibility allows expandable hose to be self draining, non kinking, non twisting and non tangling garden hose.

So in nutshell expandable garden hose:

  • Expands 3 times its length when water pressure is on
  • Contracts to its original length when pressure is off
  • Weights 5 times less then traditional garden hose
  • Self drains itself when not in use
  • Never tangles, twists or kinks
  • Easy to store in very small places

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Faithfull Heavy Duty Polyethylene Flex Tub

Ideal for use around the garden, home, on the building site, farm or stables. This lightweight, heavyduty polyethylene, flex tub features superstrong comfortable handles and is ideal for solids and fluids.

Enviromentally friendly black Flex Tubs are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Yellow Flex Tubs are 100% recyclable.

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Types Of Sprinkler Heads

Probably the most widely used irrigation head; pop-ups are typically used for residential and small commercial sprinkler systems. There are two types of pop-up heads; stationary sprays and rotating heads, called rotors. Pop-up spray heads are designed to supply a continuous stream of water, and are fitted with a nozzle. There are nozzles in a variety of designs; each design is for a specific spray pattern, such as a full arc, a half-circle, or a quarter circle. Nozzles are used to distribute water in a variety of patterns to fit the contours of the landscape. Other than a pop-up stem, pop-up spray heads are stationary, and are inexpensive and simple to operate.

Pop-up sprinkler bodies range in height from 2 to 20 inches. Two-inch pop-ups are common in areas with tough soil where digging is difficult. Four-inch pop-ups are commonly used in turf areas; the current standard for mowing height in lawn areas is about three inches – a four-inch pop-up provides sufficient clearance for a growing lawn and for sinking – it is common for sprinkler heads to “settle” over time as soil and thatch build up around the sprinkler head. Six to twelve-inch pop-ups can be used to irrigate ground cover, gardens, and shrub borders; risers can be installed under spray heads as the landscape grows and greater clearance is needed.

Pop-up spray heads are designed to cover relatively small areas with spray radii between 3 and 15 feet, and an operating pressure between 15 and 30 psi. The precipitation rate of fixed spray heads is dependent on system pressure, spray head spacing, manufacturer specs, and nozzle size, and varies from 1 to 2.5 inches per hour.

Manufacturers are continually improving pop-ups: features such as matched precipitation rates, adjustable and low trajectory nozzles, and nozzles with square spacing and strips are some of the more recent contributions to sprinkler efficiency. Several manufacturers have even developed nozzles that convert a pop-up spray head to a rotor capable of covering distances ranging from 8 to 30 feet. The advantage of these nozzles is that they reduce the precipitation rate, which improves water absorption and reduces run-off.

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Special Features of EVA Recoil Hose

EVA recoil hose, W/brass fittings and plastic couplings and 4 function spray nozzle


Besides the property of EVA standard pipe characteristic and precise soft nature EVA recoil hose, but also have:

1. Good elasticity, is easy to operate, save the space

2. Absorbing impact and reduces the pipeline to rub

3. High flexibility and small bend radius

4. Wide range of working temperatures and pressures

5. Non-toxic, tasteless, long service lifespan, has the excellent wear ability

6. Confirm to RoHS Directive-compliant environment protection requirement

Product use:

1. Can be used in the gardening automation, automobile manufacture and agricultural irrigation

2. Industry robot, pneumatic tool, assembly plant barometric tool and the duct with pressure

3. Vehicles service and house painting

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Classic roll-fix Flat Garden Hose in a Cassette

Due to its low weight and compact construction, the Classic roll-fix Flat Garden Hose in a Cassette is ideal for transporting.

The hose is a 15-metre-long Flat Garden Hose. When it is not in use, it can be flatly and compactly stored in the hose cassette. Thanks to its robust quality, its burst pressure lies at 25 bar. The hose is also coated and thereby very easy-care and robust. The hose is equipped with all required Original System Fittings and an Adjustable Spray Nozzle. You can use it right away.

The Flat Garden Hose in a Cassette has an automatic safety device. This prevents destruction of the cassette should the water source be unintentionally opened while the hose is stilled rolled up in the cassette. For safe and practical hose transport for travel.

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Strongest Expandable Garden Hose

This is an extremely high quality hose that stretches like magic. If you have a triggered sprayer, this is the ideal nose for attaching it.

The expandable hose can be used for spraying a yard/garden or washing the car. It expands fast without twisting since it doesn’t leak. Furthermore, one can use the expandable hose for a long time without getting tired since its lightweight and easy to maneuver. When water is turned off, the hose contracts into a small size. This takes minimal storage so even for people with small spaces, no need to worry about where to store it.

To extend the life of your expandable hose, store it in shade and avoid stretching them to the limit because this can make them develop splits which cannot be repaired.

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PVC Garden Hose

The PVC garden hose is sure to become an essential staple during your lawn care, yard work, landscaping, cleaning and gardening chores. The PVC garden hose is constructed from flexible PVC and is light weight enough for easy handling.


  • Beautiful packing,customized colors
  • Good PVC material makes PVC garden hose suitable for outdoor use and durable enough to withstand weather conditions
  • UV Protected to withstand outdoor conditions,Non-toxic,No-smell
  • As Connector and spray gun are available


  • Irrigation and washing in the parks, community, factories and families
  • Watering Plants, Garden, Vegetable Garden
  • Washing Cars, Washing Exterior Windows/Walls/Flooring

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