Introducing The New, High Quality Expandable Hose

Tired of poorly made (rubber) expandable hoses that make washing your car or watering your plants an uphill struggle?

What if there was a lightweight, convenient, reliable and long lasting gardening solution?

It would be literally amazing – yet it sounds more like a dream…

Our mission at Joeys Garden is to innovate. As a result, we have developed the best expandable hose that offers PHENOMENAL convenience and maximizes usability!

This Expanding Hose Has BEEN LOVED By People All Over The World:

Kidsy’s Lightweight Expandable Hose is made to last and give you the most bang for your buck!

The perfect combination of practicality, functionality and usability – all combined in one expandable hose!

Joeys Garden has taken the classic hose model and has taken it to a whole new level. The result?

An expandable hose that will make your life 10x EASIER!

Effortless To Drag Around: Joeys Garden’s water hose is incredibly lightweight. It’s designed to expand when water flows in and shrink in absence of water! This makes carrying it or storing it easier than ever as it takes Almost No space at all (when shrunk)! ?INCOMPARABLE QUALITY: Your satisfaction means everything to us at Joeys Garden. Therefore, all our expandable hoses are manufactured in adherence to the highest quality standards and always exceed the most stringent quality control.

Super Long Lifespan: Thanks to its robust construction – this groundbreaking shrinking water hose is designed to give you the best value of your money. Stop feeling miserable, never struggle again and enjoy gardening with the ULTIMATE watering solution.

Risk Free Purchase: With our no-questions-asked, no-hassle-involved Lifetime Warranty you are always covered. If you are not absolutely thrilled with our innovative, expanding hose, then we will refund every penny or replace your product. Place your order now with confidence.

Best Solution For Tangles, Kinks & Twists: Ditch your old, impractical expandable hose and replace it with the best expandable hose ever made. A virtually indestructible, yet utterly easy to use expandinghose. NEW INVENTION – Carefully engineered to stretch and move without causing any trouble!

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How to choose hose reel?

The right hose reel is one of many essential tools to help keep your favorite outdoor spaces organized and enjoyable. This guide (with reel and hose types and a handful of helpful hints) has everything you need to pick and use the right hose reel for you.



  • Tighten Connection: Connections can loosen over time—simply tightening a leaking connection is often an easy fix.
  • Replace O-rings: A rubber o-ring prevents leaking at every connection, but they can dry out and crack over time. You can find replacement o-rings at your local hardware store or call Customer Service for more information (1-800-846-2345).
  • Check for cross threading: If the threads on the hose are not aligned with the in-tube or out-tube when screwed together, it can damage the threads and cause leaks. Be careful to align the threads when connecting your hose, and call Customer Service for more information (1-800-846-2345).


  • Spigot to Leader Hose: Connects water source to leader
  • Leader Hose to In-Hose: Connects leader to hose reel
  • In-Tube to Out-Tube: Either of the internal hose reel connections
  • Out-Tube to Garden Hose: Connects hose reel to external hose
  • Garden Hose to Nozzle: Connects external hose to spray accessories


When temperatures start to drop, it’s just as important to put away your hose reel as your outdoor furniture—especially if you live in a cold weather state.


  • Drain the hose reel prior to the onset of freezing temperatures. If any trapped water freezes, it may cause damage to the hose reel, hose, and even your pipes.
  • Store the entire unit—including hose reel and hose—inside your garage or storage shed at above-freezing temperatures.

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Flexible tubs with handles

Flexible tubs are manufactured in high density polyethylene which gives the whole “FLEXTUB” plastic tub range excellent robustness and this is why they are suitable for all kinds of jobs, both in the construction industry and other sectors.

The “FLEXTUB” no.1 flexible tubs are ideal for all kinds of work, both in the construction industry and other sectors. “FLEXTUB” no.1 flexible tubs combine optimal resistance and good flexibility and are very light (only 0.8 kg).

Their shape, very thick walls, and the design of their reinforced handles mean that users can transport “FLEXTUB” no.1 flexible tubs with just one hand, without risk of breakage or material fatigue.

Owing to their 25 litre capacity, the “FLEXTUB” no.1 flexible tubs are perfect for rubble collection and handling, and for mixing adhesives, mortars and other pastes using portable electrical mixers.

“FLEXTUB” no.1 flexible tubs are available in a range of 12 colours (black, cream, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, pistachio green, orange, light blue and mauve), which allows users to differentiate and customise their tools from other professionals.

One of the biggest advantages of “FLEXTUB” flexible tubs is their multisectoral use, and the fact that they combine optimal strength, good flexibility and lightness in a single product.

We guarantee “FLEXTUB” flexible tubs are free from SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) compounds.

Because they are stackable, users save space in storage and they are easy to transport.

“FLEXTUB” flexible tubs are an outstanding option due to their competitive price and light weight.

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How to Use Hose Connectors

Different tasks need different tools to get the job done.

And a Quick Hose Connector with auto shut-off allows you to easily switch between tools, even while the water is running.

The auto shut-off feature allows the water to stop automatically as soon as you disconnect your watering tool.

To connect your hose to your watering tool, have both your female and male hose connectors ready. Twist the female hose connector to the end of your hose. Then, twist the male hose connector to your watering tool.

Push the ring down to lock the hose connectors together. Disconnect the two ends by pushing back down on the ring and pulling them apart.

To quickly connect your hose to the spigot, attach the male hose connector to the faucet and the female hose connector to the end of the hose.

Watering what you need while staying dry?

That’s a Betterday.

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Best Garden Spray Gun

If you’ve ever used a garden spray gun, you know how frustrating it can be to get the water to spray out gently (rather than rushing out in a jet) and how cold the water can be on your fingers as you try to adjust the water flow by placing your thumb over the hose end. You’d probably admit that a hose nozzle is not just a “nice to have” tool for the garden!

Then again, you’ve probably also had the unfortunate experience of having to buy multiple garden spray gun each year as they break, leak, stop spraying, fail to turn off, or otherwise fall apart. So how do you choose the best garden spray gun, the ones that actually work and won’t break down after only a few sprays?

Considerations in Buying garden spray gun

Garden spray gun come in hundreds of varieties, with a number of different styles, materials, sizes, costs, spray patterns, flow rates, and more to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one for your needs so here are the key things to consider when looking for a high quality hose nozzle.


Garden spray gun have two major components – the sprayer and the handle – each of which can be made out of different material. Many spray nozzles are made completely of metal, but some are entirely made of plastic, while others are part plastic, part metal.

Metal garden spray gun

Metal is generally the best material for a garden nozzle. Look for solid brass, as well as construction die cast zinc or aluminum. Metal garden spray guns are typically heavier than plastic ones (especially brass nozzles) so be sure you’ll be comfortable holding it for an extended period of time.

Take a look at how smoothly the parts move and the precision with which any holes are drilled. Metal nozzles generally last longer than other options but they aren’t inherently better quality – make sure you buy a quality metal nozzle that’s well-made.

You’ll find many metal nozzles with colorful powder coating or anodized finishes to prevent rusting. Some are also covered in plastic or rubber (to protect the hose nozzle from damage and provide a non-slip grip) or have plastic or nylon insulation on the handle to keep your hand warm.

Metal & Plastic garden spray gun

Another good option is a metal nozzle with a plastic handle. It’s the working parts inside the nozzle that are most likely to fail so those are the parts that are most important to have in metal. Look for a hose nozzle with a metal connection point (where it attaches to the hose), sprayer (where the water comes out), and moving parts.

Plastic garden spray gun

Avoid all-plastic garden spray gun. Not only are they more likely to leak or break, but plastic breaks down when left exposed to sunlight. Plastic nozzles should be stored out of direct sun at all times, which usually means removing it from the end of the hose after each use and putting the nozzle in the shed or garage.

Our Recommendation

We recommend a quality, all-metal hose nozzle with a rubber or plastic wrapped grip.

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Executive Summary for PVC Garden Hose


In 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Ecology Center tested over 200 garden hoses from national retailers. The hoses were tested for hazardous metals and bromine, an indicator of brominated flame retardants, and a subset were tested for phthalates. In 2012 and 2013, a small number of vinyl (PVC) hoses were subjected to a water leaching test. Municipal drinking water held in certain hoses for 48 hours was found to contain phthalates, BPA, and lead, none of which were detected in water directly sampled from the tap.

In 2017, we tested 32 hoses from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Meijer, Target, and Walmart, of which 24 were PVC. The other eight were various types of polyurethane, synthetic rubber, and other polymers.

Each hose was cut apart and its layers were separated. Some hoses were composed of only one homogeneous plastic layer; others had up to five stacked layers. Each layer was separately for metals, bromine, chlorine, polymer type (i.e. type of plastic such as PVC), and plasticizers. Hose fittings were tested for metals and bromine.

Additionally, seven hoses were selected for a leaching test. Municipal drinking water was held in the hoses for 48 hours, then the water was sent to a certified lab. Six water samples were tested for lead; three water samples were also tested for phthalates and BPA. A “faucet blank” sample containing fresh tap water was also collected and tested for comparison.

Highlights of Findings

  • The flexible plastic of PVC garden hoses frequently contained elevated lead, bromine, antimony, and phthalates. Non-PVC garden hoses did not contain these contaminants. 29% of the PVC garden hoses (7 of 24) contained at least 100 ppm and as high as 68,000 ppm lead. Phthalates were found in 75% of PVC garden hoses (18 of 24). Bromine >1000 ppm and antimony >500 ppm were found in 50% of PVC garden hoses.
  • Lead in the metal parts: 15% of metal fittings (4 of 27) contained elevated lead. This represents an improvement. Five years ago, 40% of metal fittings tested (44 of 110) contained lead. Most of these had high lead levels in the range of 1 to 6% by weight.
  • Recycled electronic waste vinyl appears to have been used in a number of PVC garden hoses, resulting in high levels of bromine (indicating brominated flame retardants), lead, antimony, and tin (indicating organotin stabilizers).
  • BPA and lead were found to leach into water held in certain hoses. Phthalates were not detected in the hose water, although similar leaching tests in recent years did find phthalates leaching into the water.
  • The ten hoses labeled “Drinking water safe” were free of significant lead, bromine, antimony, and tin. However, three (30%) of them contained potentially hazardous phthalates.
  • Polyurethane hoses labeled safe for drinking (2 tested) contained no chemicals of concern. However, two out of three polyurethane hoses not labeled safe for drinking contained elevated lead in their brass fittings. None of the polyurethane hoses contained chemicals of concern in the flexible hose part.

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Application in Industrial of EVA Recoil Hose

Our EVA Recoil Hose provides excellent service across a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. The EVA Recoil Hose is compatible with multiple fuel gases, and is available in long continuous lengths for efficient inventory management and maximum utility at cramped or hard to reach job sites where the gas sources are separated and a twin line is not practical. The red cover is ribbed for easy visual and tactile identification. Series 7141 is a versatile EVA Recoil Hose for many common industrial welding applications.


• Tube: Black chloroprene for flame and oil resistance, and compatibility with multiple fuel gases.

• Tube: Non-blooming to minimize the migration of combustible plasticizers and waxes to the surface of the EVA Recoil Hose.

• Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for strength and kink resistance.

• Cover: Red chloroprene for abrasion, flame, oil and weathering resistance.

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What Is The Best Flat Garden Hose For Your Home?


Are you tired of using poorly-made garden hoses that can make watering your plants or cleaning your car is an uphill struggle?

Your standard garden hose always kinks, the hose winder breaks, the length isn’t long enough to reach your beloved plants or vegetable garden, or the hose hanger simply falls off the wall. Worse still, the cold weather gets to the rubber hose and it starts to fall apart.

What if you had access to a convenient, reliable, and durable gardening solution for your needs? Well, there are many great choices to find today for the best flat garden hose for your home.

The kink free flat retractable garden hose design makes it simple to set up and store. Flat garden hoses have been developed to provide superior convenience and usability as well. They can easily double up as a flat soaker hose, a sprinkler, or even a pressure washer hose.

Choosing good tools when it comes to gardening tasks is important for your productivity levels and convenience as well. Finding a quality hose involves making informed choices by considering some of the top rated tools that are available on the consumer market today.

By the same token, a good garden hose saves you the hassle of setting up and storing a hose with its superior design and material construction. An excellent consideration for you to start with would be these kink free flat garden hoses designed for impressive performance results.

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The Expandable Hose Storage Keeper

Protect your expandable hose from damage and keep it accessible in this durable holder. Self-draining design instantly installs over your spigot or other wall hanger-no hardware needed! Holds hoses from 25 feet up to 100 feet long (hose not included).

Expandable Hose Keeper:

  • Protect your expandable hose from damage and keep it accessible
  • Self-draining design
  • Instantly installs over your spigot or other wall hanger-no hardware needed
  • Holds hoses from 25′ up to 100′ long (hose not included)
  • A tidy way to store your 50′ expandable garden hose
  • Looks neater and more compact than a messy hose reel
  • Can be easily concealed by bushes and existing foliage
  • Protects your hose from being damaged
  • Easy to install

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Water Hose Reels

Hose Reels has been making commercial-duty hose reels since our start. With deep roots in small-town values, we have focused on revolutionizing the outdoor watering market with a Midwestern-style approach to product quality, performance and customer support.

Innovative, user-friendly designs are constructed with commercial-grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel material. Aluminum-alloy garden hose reels, polyurethane garden hoses and lead-free brass watering tools are also backed by an industry-leading 10-YEAR, no-leak, no-break, no-rust warranty.

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