Introducing The New, High Quality Expandable Hose

Tired of poorly made (rubber) expandable hoses that make washing your car or watering your plants an uphill struggle?

What if there was a lightweight, convenient, reliable and long lasting gardening solution?

It would be literally amazing – yet it sounds more like a dream…

Our mission at Joeys Garden is to innovate. As a result, we have developed the best expandable hose that offers PHENOMENAL convenience and maximizes usability!

This Expanding Hose Has BEEN LOVED By People All Over The World:

Kidsy’s Lightweight Expandable Hose is made to last and give you the most bang for your buck!

The perfect combination of practicality, functionality and usability – all combined in one expandable hose!

Joeys Garden has taken the classic hose model and has taken it to a whole new level. The result?

An expandable hose that will make your life 10x EASIER!

Effortless To Drag Around: Joeys Garden’s water hose is incredibly lightweight. It’s designed to expand when water flows in and shrink in absence of water! This makes carrying it or storing it easier than ever as it takes Almost No space at all (when shrunk)! ?INCOMPARABLE QUALITY: Your satisfaction means everything to us at Joeys Garden. Therefore, all our expandable hoses are manufactured in adherence to the highest quality standards and always exceed the most stringent quality control.

Super Long Lifespan: Thanks to its robust construction – this groundbreaking shrinking water hose is designed to give you the best value of your money. Stop feeling miserable, never struggle again and enjoy gardening with the ULTIMATE watering solution.

Risk Free Purchase: With our no-questions-asked, no-hassle-involved Lifetime Warranty you are always covered. If you are not absolutely thrilled with our innovative, expanding hose, then we will refund every penny or replace your product. Place your order now with confidence.

Best Solution For Tangles, Kinks & Twists: Ditch your old, impractical expandable hose and replace it with the best expandable hose ever made. A virtually indestructible, yet utterly easy to use expandinghose. NEW INVENTION – Carefully engineered to stretch and move without causing any trouble!

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