How to Use Hose Connectors

Different tasks need different tools to get the job done.

And a Quick Hose Connector with auto shut-off allows you to easily switch between tools, even while the water is running.

The auto shut-off feature allows the water to stop automatically as soon as you disconnect your watering tool.

To connect your hose to your watering tool, have both your female and male hose connectors ready. Twist the female hose connector to the end of your hose. Then, twist the male hose connector to your watering tool.

Push the ring down to lock the hose connectors together. Disconnect the two ends by pushing back down on the ring and pulling them apart.

To quickly connect your hose to the spigot, attach the male hose connector to the faucet and the female hose connector to the end of the hose.

Watering what you need while staying dry?

That’s a Betterday.

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