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If you’ve ever used a garden spray gun, you know how frustrating it can be to get the water to spray out gently (rather than rushing out in a jet) and how cold the water can be on your fingers as you try to adjust the water flow by placing your thumb over the hose end. You’d probably admit that a hose nozzle is not just a “nice to have” tool for the garden!

Then again, you’ve probably also had the unfortunate experience of having to buy multiple garden spray gun each year as they break, leak, stop spraying, fail to turn off, or otherwise fall apart. So how do you choose the best garden spray gun, the ones that actually work and won’t break down after only a few sprays?

Considerations in Buying garden spray gun

Garden spray gun come in hundreds of varieties, with a number of different styles, materials, sizes, costs, spray patterns, flow rates, and more to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one for your needs so here are the key things to consider when looking for a high quality hose nozzle.


Garden spray gun have two major components – the sprayer and the handle – each of which can be made out of different material. Many spray nozzles are made completely of metal, but some are entirely made of plastic, while others are part plastic, part metal.

Metal garden spray gun

Metal is generally the best material for a garden nozzle. Look for solid brass, as well as construction die cast zinc or aluminum. Metal garden spray guns are typically heavier than plastic ones (especially brass nozzles) so be sure you’ll be comfortable holding it for an extended period of time.

Take a look at how smoothly the parts move and the precision with which any holes are drilled. Metal nozzles generally last longer than other options but they aren’t inherently better quality – make sure you buy a quality metal nozzle that’s well-made.

You’ll find many metal nozzles with colorful powder coating or anodized finishes to prevent rusting. Some are also covered in plastic or rubber (to protect the hose nozzle from damage and provide a non-slip grip) or have plastic or nylon insulation on the handle to keep your hand warm.

Metal & Plastic garden spray gun

Another good option is a metal nozzle with a plastic handle. It’s the working parts inside the nozzle that are most likely to fail so those are the parts that are most important to have in metal. Look for a hose nozzle with a metal connection point (where it attaches to the hose), sprayer (where the water comes out), and moving parts.

Plastic garden spray gun

Avoid all-plastic garden spray gun. Not only are they more likely to leak or break, but plastic breaks down when left exposed to sunlight. Plastic nozzles should be stored out of direct sun at all times, which usually means removing it from the end of the hose after each use and putting the nozzle in the shed or garage.

Our Recommendation

We recommend a quality, all-metal hose nozzle with a rubber or plastic wrapped grip.

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