Special Features of EVA Recoil Hose

EVA recoil hose, W/brass fittings and plastic couplings and 4 function spray nozzle


Besides the property of EVA standard pipe characteristic and precise soft nature EVA recoil hose, but also have:

1. Good elasticity, is easy to operate, save the space

2. Absorbing impact and reduces the pipeline to rub

3. High flexibility and small bend radius

4. Wide range of working temperatures and pressures

5. Non-toxic, tasteless, long service lifespan, has the excellent wear ability

6. Confirm to RoHS Directive-compliant environment protection requirement

Product use:

1. Can be used in the gardening automation, automobile manufacture and agricultural irrigation

2. Industry robot, pneumatic tool, assembly plant barometric tool and the duct with pressure

3. Vehicles service and house painting

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Classic roll-fix Flat Garden Hose in a Cassette

Due to its low weight and compact construction, the Classic roll-fix Flat Garden Hose in a Cassette is ideal for transporting.

The hose is a 15-metre-long Flat Garden Hose. When it is not in use, it can be flatly and compactly stored in the hose cassette. Thanks to its robust quality, its burst pressure lies at 25 bar. The hose is also coated and thereby very easy-care and robust. The hose is equipped with all required Original System Fittings and an Adjustable Spray Nozzle. You can use it right away.

The Flat Garden Hose in a Cassette has an automatic safety device. This prevents destruction of the cassette should the water source be unintentionally opened while the hose is stilled rolled up in the cassette. For safe and practical hose transport for travel.

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Strongest Expandable Garden Hose

This is an extremely high quality hose that stretches like magic. If you have a triggered sprayer, this is the ideal nose for attaching it.

The expandable hose can be used for spraying a yard/garden or washing the car. It expands fast without twisting since it doesn’t leak. Furthermore, one can use the expandable hose for a long time without getting tired since its lightweight and easy to maneuver. When water is turned off, the hose contracts into a small size. This takes minimal storage so even for people with small spaces, no need to worry about where to store it.

To extend the life of your expandable hose, store it in shade and avoid stretching them to the limit because this can make them develop splits which cannot be repaired.

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PVC Garden Hose

The PVC garden hose is sure to become an essential staple during your lawn care, yard work, landscaping, cleaning and gardening chores. The PVC garden hose is constructed from flexible PVC and is light weight enough for easy handling.


  • Beautiful packing,customized colors
  • Good PVC material makes PVC garden hose suitable for outdoor use and durable enough to withstand weather conditions
  • UV Protected to withstand outdoor conditions,Non-toxic,No-smell
  • As Connector and spray gun are available


  • Irrigation and washing in the parks, community, factories and families
  • Watering Plants, Garden, Vegetable Garden
  • Washing Cars, Washing Exterior Windows/Walls/Flooring