Magic Normal Expandable Hose

Gardening is said to be good for the soul but when you’re ready to call it a day, the stubborn writhing and twisting of your trusty old hose are enough to get you undone. No more. With the Normal Expandable Hose, the hose shortens and shrivels as soon as you turn the water off, making storing it a breeze.

The Normal Expandable Hose’s spout easily turns the water rushing out of the hose into a spray-perfect for washing the dust off leaves. The spray’s pressure is adjustable which makes it ideal for washing the car, giving the dogs a regular bath and filling the inflatable tub for a summer soak. It weighs less than a kilo so even a kid can use it and easily put it back in its place afterwards. With the Normal Expandable Hose, summer can be fun even if outings only go as far as the front yard.

Beautify Your Garden

Stepping out into a beautiful garden can do wonders for your mood. Beautify your home’s greenery with a variety of outdoor chairs, tables, and decorations available at Lazada.

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How we found the best garden hoses

In order to determine which of our garden hose finalists was best overall, we ran each of them through a series of tests designed to analyze how each garden hose would perform in real-life situations. This was aided by actual watering and gardening of our front and backyard over the course of a month and a half.

A lot of what we measured had to do with the overall ergonomics of each garden hose. We made note of which garden hoses would tend to get stuck while being pulled around the yard, as well as how easy — or unwieldy — they were while being dragged around. We also looked at how easy it was to attach and detach each hose to the spigot, as well as to each of the garden hose nozzles we were testing.

We recorded how often each hose kinked, which we also tested by measuring how tightly we could squeeze each hose before water flow would stop.

We measured water flow from each garden hose as well. We tested this by measuring how long it took each garden hose to fill a five gallon bucket of water, and the distance each garden hose could spray when held horizontally at a height of five feet.

Finally, we considered the overall build quality, including the materials used, and the durability of each hose — particularly in very hot and very cold conditions.

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How to Choose the Best Flat Garden Hose for You

Flat garden hoses are similar to a fireman’s hose; they’re round when full of water but flatten down when empty. They’re generally lightweight, easy to roll up (they’re self-draining) and take less storage space than a conventional hose, but can be difficult to store without a hose reel.

Some flat hoses are sold with a hose reel but for ones that aren’t, check that they will fit with your existing reel (or the one you’re considering buying).

Because they’re very flexible (so that they can flatten out), flat garden hoses are generally made of vinyl, puncture and kink more easily and have a lower burst pressure rating. They also don’t work very well when pulled around corners. Plus, you have to unroll the entire hose before turning on the water.

Flat garden hoses are best used when storage space is an issue and the hose will be used in a straight line over a surface without many snags.

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Somethings you must know about expandable garden hose

As world is continuously changing with new inventions coming in and making our life easier. Expandable garden hose is also a welcome addition to garden hose industry. In fact this is a revolutionary change that us made watering plants or washing a car much easier and enjoyable for hundred of thousands of people across the globe.

What is an Expandable Garden Hose?

Expandable Hose as the name suggest is new type of garden hose that expands 3 times its original length when water pressure is on, and contracts to its original length when its off. This flexibility allows expandable hose to be self draining, non kinking, non twisting and non tangling garden hose.

So in nutshell expandable garden hose:

  • Expands 3 times its length when water pressure is on
  • Contracts to its original length when pressure is off
  • Weights 5 times less then traditional garden hose
  • Self drains itself when not in use
  • Never tangles, twists or kinks
  • Easy to store in very small places

How does it work?

480x480Expanding hoses are designed in such a way that it has two layers to it. One an inner tube through which water flows and an outer fabric which is usually made of nylon. The inner tube can be made of special elastic rubber called latex or TPC or especially designed tube. Different manufacturer’s uses different type of inner hose so the durability varies hose by hoses basis. When water is turned from one end, the other end of the hose which has a shut off valve is turned off, so that water is blocked from one end and when the pressure builds up inside the inner tube, the inner tube starts to expends and reaches it full expanding length. After which shut off is turned on and the hose works like just a normal garden hose.

What are the benefits?

480x480An expandable hose expands three times in length when in use and is 5 times lighter then traditional garden hose. So you don’t have to worry about storage problems any more, just take it out, turn the water on and see the hose expands to it working length in seconds. And when you are done and water pressure is off, the hose will self drain and coils up , saving you ample time and energy.Are you tired of carrying heavy garden hose from one corner of your garden to another? Are you tired of untangling a twisted garden hose? Are you tired of spending your valuable time and energy in draining and coiling up your hose? Are you tired of your garden hose taking large space to store? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be delighted to hear that your worries and frustration are over with the invention of expandable garden hose.

How to use it so it lasts longer?

Following are some user instructions, which if followed can increase the life of your expandable garden hose:

  • When using the hose first time, ensure to fill the hose with water with the shut off valve off and allow the hose to stretch and expand. Once it has expanded, release the water and repeat the above process once more before started using it.
  • Attach the 9 setting spray nozzle on the other end of the hose.
  • When fully expanded its ready to use.
  • Turn the water off at the source when the hose is not in use.
  • Squeeze the nozzle to drain the hose completely and allowing the hose to contract to its original length.
  • Do not use the hose for drinking water.
  • Do not leave the hose exposed to sun for long time.
  • Do not leave the hose out in extreme winter weather.
  • Be careful to use hose on rough concrete and sharp edges.
  • Keep the hose indoor and shaded to increase the life of the hose.

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EVA Recoil Hose

EVA Recoil Hose feature coil memory which ensures they return to their original shape after being extended, and are easy to store to help keep your work area organized. Offered in Nylon and Polyurethane materials to provide the flexibility for use in different work environments.

EVA Recoil Hose is made up of an anti-rust spring steel wire spiral and a hundred percent polyether polyurethane wall with non-migratory permanent antistatic agent. It is applicable for the phamaceutical industry, chemical industry and suction & transport hose for the food industry.

The EVA Recoil Hose has a mostly smooth inner lining with optimum flow characteristics and is highly flexible.

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