Garden Hose Connector

The Highest Quality Brass Garden Hose Connector Available

These Brass Garden Hose Connectors are to be used exclusively for non-potable services such as manufacturing, industrial processing, irrigation, outdoor watering, or any other uses where the water is not anticipated to be used for human consumption as they are not in accordance with the RLDWA.

There is something therapeutic about watering the garden or lawn, maybe its the sound of the water or the fresh air surrounding you. Yet, there is nothing more frustraing than leaky connections or kinked hoses to ruin that experience. Whether your looking for specialty connectors, male/female adapters, quick connectors, or wyes to connect two hoses.

Whether you need hose connectors, drain valves, hose connectors, shut-offs, hose bibs, quick couplers, we carry a wide variety to keep your gardens growing and lawns green! Don’t throw away a leaking hose — repair it with our hose kit accessories. Have one spigot but need to run more garden hoses? We carry Y and 4-way connectors with cut-offs so you can control what and where to water. Our lawn hose couplings, cam couplers and brass fittings can be used for everything from moving a hose easily from one location to another to connecting multiple hoses to one faucet, shutting off the water at the hose to preventing hose kinks, repairing damaged garden hose and more!

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