Film expandable hose

Turn on the water and the film expandable hose automatically expands up to 3 times its length. Turn off the water and as the water drains, the film expandable hose contracts back to its original size. And it’s so small you could store it in a bucket or plant pot.

Innovative in design, it is made from 2 layers. The film expandable hose that expands is covered by the super-strong webbing outer layer which adds durability and resilience.

Its patented expanding technology means no more tangles, twists or kinks so you can get on with watering the garden, washing the car etc.

Light-weight in design, for example the 50ft film expandable hose only weighs about 1lb.

The exclusive design gives you a powerful pressure spray, and with our exclusive extras, that you can purchase today, you can use the X-hose for all your watering and outdoor cleaning needs.

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